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Valerie King is a wife, mother, volunteer, writer and editor. She  is the owner of, has published in RESTON magazine and is a member of the Society of Children's  Book Writers  & Editors, Writers UA and others.    She is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC and the University of Cincinnati.


  Her volunteer work  has included time to the rehabilitation of wounded and homeless veterans, environmental stewardship, refugee assistance, volunteer ESOL , and many other causes.  


She is a passionate music lover and also enjoys traveling, cooking,  gardening, reading, and sports.  She resides near the nation's capital and has been spotted attending lectures and other amenities of the locale.

Valerie was a 2019 ECLIPSE Award Recipient and an invitee of the CBS radio show 'Persons of Distinction'.

Her two children, Courtney & Kyle, are the love and light of her life.



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