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A different "march" this month...

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

This year, this month, is the month of the Woman. I have a few thoughts to share and a "minority" perspective perhaps, as someone who has "worked" both outside and inside the home. Women who "work" at home are NOT maids (as in the often disparaging way they are characterized.) Women who work at home write books, scripts and articles. They volunteer, create small businesses, nurse sick kids, tutor, teach, paint, sculpt, compose, code, create beautiful interiors, gardens and culinary masterpieces . They often contribute to a greener pl;anet by keeping their cars off the roads and diminishing fossil fuel emissions.

Women who work outside the home are valuable as well for their financial contributions to the family and their myriad skills on the job. Women at home share some of the skills of those who work outside the home and vice versa. For this one month, one month atleast-- let's respect all Women for a change, no matter what their choice or lack of choice is in this matter!

Today, 3/8/2019, Women's Day!! Wishing everyone a harmonious day and month (atleast) of continued peace and unity!

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