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Paying forward, we owe our vets...

At the book signing for Zack had our Back, I had the good fortune of meeting two new neighbors, a teacher and her young daughter , who read the book. Their insights, from the perspective of a professional and an age appropriate reader, were invaluable. From the teacher's perspective, my neighbor explained, the book serves a purpose as a tool for important discussions about #veteran homelessness and its causes, such as #PTSD. She confirmed that while the topic is difficult, it is important to talk about at an early age. I imagine topics for discussion include: #veteran homelessness, how and why it occurs, what is being done about it, and what to do if you encounter it; either as an individual or a family member. While I was honored to get feedback from such a caring Mom and professional, her feedback confirmed my gut feeling that there is a dearth in children's literature on the topic.

Her daughter and I talked briefly about her feelings about the main character, Zack, and the book overall. While she liked the book, she said, she felt sorry for Zack. So, from the mouths of "babes" to your ears: What can we do to make the situation right going forward?

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