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Yesterday , Veteran's Day, we paid tribute to our warriors. It is an annual ritual. We watch ceremonies on TV or participate in private memorials or services to honor those men & women who are making incredible sacrifices to keep us free & safe. May God bless them and keep them out of harm's way. May we never take for granted their sacrifice. For those who return to us broken, may we never forget the lessons of earlier conflicts which saw soldiers return home hopelessly damaged, bent, broken or homeless--their troubles swept under the rug.

Perhaps we could start by bridging the communication gap between civilian & military & expressing our thanks in a manner that has reverberations for everyone. One that carries powerful echoes of 9/ 11 and the past (Vietnam)-- while reverberating with the present and ALL those who sacrifice in the line of duty. Never Forget-- two simple words forged from blood and treasure and offered by those who have served to those who want to ease the pain and share the burden. Perhaps if we say it, we will begin to mean it in an actionable way. If not, atleast the conversation has started.

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